LHS Dress Code
Lewisville High School will adhere to the guidelines on student dress as described in Rule 5: Students Dress of Chester County School District Student Leadership Handbook.

Guidelines for Student Dress

*** No
headphones worn in class. Headphones are allowed in the cafeteria and halls. NO HEADPHONES VISIBLE IN CLASS AT ANY TIME !!!

*** Under no circumstances will students be allowed to wear pants below the waistline.

*** No head coverings will be allowed in the building.

*** All shirts and dresses must have appropriate sleeves.

*** Cut-off shirts or clothing that expose undergarments or "midriff" are not allowed.

*** All shorts and skirts must be within four (4) inches of the bend of knee.

*** Only footwear appropriate for a school setting will be allowed. (Bedroom slippers and other inappropriate  shoes will be allowed.

*** Improper clothing and/or jewelry that depict obscenities, illegal acts, gang activity, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, racial slurs and/or epithets, sexual suggestion and/or insinuation, or inappropriate language is strictly forbidden. 

*** No pajamas or other sleepware are allowed at school.

*** Students will not be allowed to wear pants or shorts with holes above the knees.

*** Students choosing to wear leggings must wear a long tunic-style shirt that is within four inches of the bend of the knee.