Lewisville High School Science Department
The Lewisville High School Science Department is committed to a laboratory approach for all classes emphasizing South Carolina Science Standards.  Furthermore, being a STEAM school, we are committed to the incorporation of technology, engineering, and arts whenever possible.   Students will be asking questions, defining problems, developing models, carrying out investigations, analyzing data, using mathematics, constructing explanations, designing solutions, communicating information, and engaging in argument from evidence - all while learning relevant, standards-based science content.

Students follow a sequence which includes biological and physical sciences. Students will generally start with Biology I and Physical Science as their foundation courses.   From there, we have course offerings that include Environmental Science, Biology II, Advanced Placement (AP) Biology, Chemistry I, and Physics.  We are proud this year to include Principle of Engineering (a Project Lead the Way course) to this list.   Students must take 3 science courses to graduate, but more are recommended, especially for those attending a four year university.

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Johnnie Catoe

[email protected]

Mr. Catoe

Chemistry I


Principles of Engineering


Amanda Freeman

[email protected]

Mrs. Freeman

Biology I

Physical Science


Reagan Love

[email protected]

Mrs. Love

Physical Science Biology II

Chemistry I


Jamie Salters

[email protected]

Mr. Salters

Biology II

A.P. Biology