• Lewisville High School's Mathematics Goal

    The goal of Lewisville High School's Mathematics program is to provide students with opportunities and resources necessary to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills they will need to be “College and Career Ready” upon graduation.  Each teacher emphasizes world class knowledge, world class skills, and life and career characteristics as outlined in the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.   All teachers in the department develop lessons aligned with the 2015 South Carolina College and Career Readiness Standards and strive to require high levels of expectations that focus on fluency and a cohesive understanding of mathematical concepts. 


    Lewisville High School offers the following mathematics courses:

    CP Algebra I                           CP Algebra II             Honors Algebra II

    CP Geometry                          Honors Geometry      CP Probability & Statistics

    Honors PreCalculus                AP Calculus

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  • Mathematics Department Academic Support Schedule

    It is the goal of the Mathematics Department to make sure all students receive the help they need to succeed in every level of mathematics.  To support this goal the after school tutoring is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 2:50 – 3:30, unless otherwise announced. 

    Contains a variety of helpful information for many levels of math.  IXL provides a free limited practice session without a subscription, however, students enrolled in all math classes in grades 9-12 are assigned a login and password providing them unlimited access to the math modules.  The login is the student's user name followed by @ccsdd (example:  [email protected]).  If you are having issues with your password, please see your teacher. 
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