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Nurse Bowers has announced that DHEC will hold a flu shot clinic at LHS on October 28th. More information in the coming week. 

The Lion's Tale

Senior baby pictures are due by the end of this month There is no charge for this and photos will be returned.
Senior ads are due to Mrs. Treveiler by the end of the month. 
Cost for 1/8 page is $40, 1/4 page is $60, half page is $80, and full page is $140






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Civitan Officers were elected last week. President is Allysa Boulware, Vice President is Joy Etheridge, Secretary is Anja Minninger, and Public Relations Contact is Makenna Murphy.  Jr. Beta Club is an extremely active group on campus. Watch for details soon of their service projects around their school and community here on SchoolDesk and on FaceBook.
Destiny Card Catalog
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Lewisville Student Aims to Affect Lives
Southmayd, Rachel. The Herald

Student Spotlight
Name: Tyesha McCrorey
Class: Senior
Activities: Volleyball, Softball, Junior Civitan, Senior Class President

     In just a few weeks, Tyesha McCrorey will start her very last year at Lewisville High School. And as a senior, and senior class president, McCrorey said she's determined to make every experience count, and she wants her fellow seniors to do the same. It was one of the main reasons that she wanted to be class president. "I want to do more things as a class because this is the last time we're going to be together," she said. "I want us to be more active in school."
     McCrorey said she's known at Lewisville for being friends with lots of different people in her school, no matter what race or gender they are or what background they have. She wishes her peers would branch outside their comfort zone to get to know more people, too.
     Being a high school student now is harder than it's ever been before, McCrorey said. With bullying at new heights with cyber bullying and media influences, it's not an easy time for either her or her peers. "We don't try as hard to be like the people we see on TV", she said.
     Shows like those on MTV, such as "Teen Mom", and others don't teach teens how to be mature or responsible or to seek a better life. While she knows the shows entertain a lot of people, she wants her classmates to strive for their diploma and plan a future for themselves. Even of they don't go to college, McCrorey said she hopes everyone is making steps towards building a better future for themselves. 
     For McCrorey, that better life is going to come through attending USC-Upstate and majoring in nursing. She hopes to become a neonatal nurse and to help babies have a good start at life.  Part of this desire is inspired by her three nephews, all under the age of six. The two oldest refer to her as their friend, not their aunt. "They have a great life," McCrorey said. "Some babies won't."  But as a nurse, she can at least help get babies started towards a good life.    
    Affecting lives is something that McCrorey is going to focus on in her last year of high school. She said she's looking forward to building on old friendships and starting new ones. 
    Having lots of friends who are important to you is good because you never know when you're going to need someone and you never know how you can impact someone's life, she said.
  • hiTEC Tablet Information
    Student and Parent Handbook for Tablet Use 

    Click in the link above to access the CCSD hiTEC handbook concerning the use of the tablets in the hiTEC Initiative for 21st Century Learning. 

    Mr. John Stiver discusses the hiTEC Initiative. 

    Parents, you are required to come to the school to view the information and pay the one time fee of $50.00 ($25.00 for a student graduating in May, 2014) in order for your child to be issued a tablet to use for academic purposes according to the hiTEC Initiative. The video link above is intended for additional viewing at home only. 
  • Parent Portal Information
    This link will direct you to the CCSD Web page on  Parent-Portal.  The information will explain the process for setting up your Parent Portal Account as well as what to do if you forget your password.      

    In Step One of the directions, you are directed to call your child's school if you need assistance registering for Power Portal.  At LHS, you will ask to speak with Ms. Wendy Craig who works in the main office.